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PV Products from PMIT Debut on Japan International PV System Expo

From 2nd to 4th of March 2016, Japan International PV Expo was grandly held at Tokyo Big Sight. Press Metal International Technology Ltd (thereinafter referred to as PMIT) successfully participated in the Show.


Japan International PV Expo consists of PV EXPO, PV SYSTEM EXPO, BATTERY JAPAN, FC EXPO, PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY EXPO, ECOHOUSE & ECOBUILDING EXPO AND SMARTGRID EXPO. It’s the largest and the most professional Industry Expo of renewable energy in Japan and even in the whole Asia with its highest influence around the world. Over 70,000 overseas visitors from 30 countries participated in this show, which embodies the strong revival and vigorous development of PV industry in recent years after its substantial revolution since 2012.


After the establishment on business cooperation with the largest grid company NTT in Japan with its light weight and folding full aluminum mounting system, this system has become the lightspot of the same industry. Advantages of this mounting system mailnly focus on the reduction of transportation cost and construction intensity. It can save half of manpower cost and time, which is definitely helpful to save the construction cost and improve the efficiency of the project. The unique design of the system with perfect combination of accessories has attracted lots of visitors from all over the world and has created a greater opportunity for more indepth discussion and communication.


As PV products are the main codes of PMIT business for sustainable development, it has acquired strong support from the Press Metal Group. In recent years, we have witnessed the great breakthroughs in PV industry for premium quality, competitve prices with great to penetrate the market shares whether from local or overseas. With the vigorous development of PV industry in recent years, our global customers have gradually expanded from Southeast Asia to European, US, Indian, Japan, Vietnam and so on. Our presence on the recent Japan PV Expo has indicated that our market development for PV products has moved forward to a new stage.


Though the market becomes more and more competitive, we will make full play of our exsiting resource to expedite PMIT automation progress as to face with the great market demand to get our services full prepared for the next challenges ahead.