Production Procedure
With excellent production management,
produce better quality of aluminum
To fulfill the worldwide market demand, PMI satisfy the customer demand with wider sales network, good customer services and high quality product
production system and technical management
The company uses the world-leading SAP management system, equipped with human resources from worldwide, technical and management team, with the production and quality management knowledge and experience, to provide the steady quality, in-time production plan to the customer.
Remelt and casting
Formulize the aluminum ingot and supportive alloy to form as aluminum liquid then flux it into aluminum alloy. With the direct chill casting method to cast into log and ready to be use in extrusion
heat-treated onto the aluminum log, to stabilize the log property and increase the material quality.
extrusion, die, press, log, technical
Uses the technically-stated parameter to preheat the log,
extrude the shaped profile through the extrusion die,
than online-quench cooling,
to form the long strength aluminum profile.




quality inspection
PMI production feature with a on-site laboratory which recognized by national agencies. The laboratory facility able to fulfill the aluminum production testing and inspection needs, include the advancement of aluminum chemical composition analyze, extrusion profile section dimensional scanning, profile mechanical property inspection, profile surface quality experiment and inspection etc.
Place the metal articles after quenching into indoors temperature or high temperature for proper time to improve strength.
- Hours
What is aging?
Heat-treated to the aluminum profile, properly eliminate the aluminum profile inner stress which indirectly increases the profile mechanical property such as strength and hardness. By controlling the aging heat treatment parameter, the aging procedure can heat-treated the aluminum profile to desire hardness temper.
Surface treatment
a) anodizing: Uses the anodize-oxidation treatment onto the aluminum surface,
to form a layer of oxidize film to protect the profile surface.
b) paint coating: with respect to customer requirement, apply the coloring treatment on the aluminum surface,
include the powder coating and PVDF coating.
value-added fabrication
apply the further value-added fabrication onto the aluminum profile, such as saw-cut, bending, drilling etc.
Value-adding the raw material by applying the fabrication, providing the one-stop aluminum profile fabrication service to the customer.
product store and delivery
Packing the finish-product aluminum profile into package, prepare for delivery.